Emerald City Driving School is a fantastic place to learn how to drive! Especially if you have no prior experience to driving. 
My instructor, Karl, was very patient and took the time to explain any and all questions that I had and also demonstrated how to improve the driving maneuvers I had trouble on. I would definitely recommend anyone to this school as the lessons are great and price is affordable.  Trung N   9/16

I took refresher course from Karl at this school and it was a great experience. I learned good driving habit and skills from him and felt much more confident on driving. He was a patient and experienced teacher. Ji N   8/16

This guy is my hero. He help me learn my brother went to him too. I learn to drive with respect to the road because of him. I even worked in the rental car because of his teaching, parking 8000 cars a month total. I'm the best parallel parker, back parking. I learn a lot from this guy. He have help the community in seattle one population at a time. I talk highly of him because, not because his asian because i never meet anyone as kind and as understanding as him. I had a bad experience with other instructors and i would recommend this guy to all the population of washington. His price teaching is high but yull never ever gonna regret, yull thank him for life. Lady MIAV  7/16

I have chosen this driving school based on the yelp reviews and thanks to whoever took time to write reviews so people like me can benefit from it. Steve was my instructor and examiner. I took couple of classes and passed the driving exam. He is an amazing instructor who is very patient and kind. He starts with basic things like turning on the car and explains each and every point to make a person a good driver. Am sure everyone will love his useful and safe driving tips as me. He understands that everyone makes mistakes and correct them politely.  His classes are more of practical and real life driving techniques rather than theory. Overall I highly recommend "Emerald City Driving School" and instructor "Steve Wong".  Selvi Y    5/16

Candy she is one of the nicest and considerate people I have ever came across. She'll take care of you as if you were her own child. She is a great driver and a great instructor to learn from. I was blessed to have her!!!  Sage E   5/16

I would highly recommend Emerald City Driving School. Not only is Steve a patient and knowledgeable instructor, the prices are very reasonable and the adult one on one lessons are flexible and able to be scheduled around your work schedule. Overall a great deal! 
I had been wanting to get my driver's license ever since I was a teenager but just never got around to it. Recently I decided to commit myself to finally being able to drive but like other working adults I didn't have much time to be able to attend driving instruction classes multiple days a week for a few hours. Luckily I heard about Emerald City Driving School! I was able to do one 90 minute driving lesson per week on the days that I wasn't working. Steve also picked me up for all of our lessons as part of the package, now that's what I call good service!
After four 90 minute lessons I scheduled my driving and written test, and I passed both! Steve will be very honest with you about whether you should take additional lessons, and he doesn't recommend getting more lessons than you need. I would highly recommend anybody who wants to learn how to drive to take lessons with Steve, especially adults who are short on time but really want to learn how to drive. Emerald City Driving School will be a convenient and affordable place for you to learn how to be a safe driver. The best deal around! Thanks Steve!  Steven F   5/16

I really really recommend this driving school for new learner about driving lessons, even knowledge test and driving test.Steve Wong is a wonderful coach for teaching me driving skill as well as good habits during driving. It's really helpful and important for me to become a good and safe driver in the future. He was patient to me even though I made lots of mistakes at the beginning. And now I do well. I believe that it's the best driving school in Seattle that you have to choose!  Crystal X   4/16

- ​Steve was great I passed my test. The cars are clean. All I wanted to say nice people very patient and polite. I would recommend the school to anyone.  Rob V   4/16

- Steve Wong is a great teacher! My wife took a couple lessons and was able to pass her driver's license test. Steve was very kind and patient. Would recommend!​  Geoffrey W   3/16

Steve was a fantastic instructor. He took the time to explain the Washington road rules as I was coming from overseas and didn't fully understand them, he provided me with a whole heap of useful tips to aid in my driving and to help me pass the test.
I would recommend Steve in an instant to anyone requiring a great driving instructor.  Ben T   2/16

- Steve is a very nice and patient teacher. He is always willing to explain and answer your questions. You'll learn not only how to drive, but also many little things that you need to know on the road. Highly recommended!!! Thank you very much Steve!

C Chan    2/16

- I love this Driving school they're Professionalism and deep Patience for the students was priceless. Don't waste your time and money in the other Driving School. Emerald is the Best and I would Recommend this school for the Adults who needs refreshment course and teenagers who needs lessons.    M Mai   1/16

- Thank you so much Emerald City Driving School you guys are amazing. I would Highly Recommend this to everybody most especially new to the state.  A Wajid    1/16

​​- Steve is a really good instructor and patient since I never drove in US and I made so many mistakes while learning but he kept cool and repeatedly told me what is the right way. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn and pass the driving test.  Abhinav   12/15

- The instructor is always on-time. He teaches very well. He's patient, understanding and sees to it that you will be able to do properly what he's teaching. I will definitely recommend this driving school to my family and friends. ​  Marian   11/15

- I was really happy to learn driving with Steve. This was my first time ever on the road and he helped build my confidence behind the wheels and also taught me all the important concepts needed to be safe on the road. This was perfect for adult lessons because most adult care primarily for 3 things: Safety, safety and safety!!!    Sharmi   10/15


​- Steve is a excellent instructor.  Brijesh    10/15

- I'm very glad I took the time to carefully choose which driving school to go to, Emerald City Driving School has the best reviews in the greater Seattle area and I can certainly see why. Steve is very helpful and friendly, and takes care to offer a guidance that is both honed from his experience and well adapted to each learner. It was a real pleasure.  Yann     10/15

- I am so grateful I took my driving test here. Very understanding and knowledgeable. I recommend those who want the very best and kind to come here! James   10/15

- I highly recommend this place is you want to take driving lessons, driver Ed, or even your driving exam because Steve Wong is an amazing instructor he'll be very patient with you and he understands that you'll make mistakes and he will help you fix then! Everyone should go here and the price is reasonable. He's a very good instructor! Jennifer  9/15

- Steve Wong is a great driving instructor he will teach you everything you need to know and understands that mistakes do happen, and he'll just really help you to know everything and help you pass your driving test and exams. He's great and for the price he charges it's not that bad you guys should check this place out if you wanna take drivers Ed or your knowledge or drive exam. He also does driving lessons for 18 and over.​ Jennifer  7/15

​-Before taking lessons with Steve, driving looked overwhelmingly complicated and getting a license seemed a huge hurdle to me. I'm so grateful that I found information about Emerald City Driving School and contacted Steve. I was able to schedule lessons very soon, and eventually got my license pretty soon too. He charges very reasonably, and he doesn't suggest taking more lessons if not needed. His teaching is very sophisticated, and he is incredibly encouraging, warm-hearted, and nice. I enjoyed the lessons although it was summer and hot on the road. Within a short period of time I got so much more confident about driving that I never imagined. I highly recommend learning with Steve!   Jiawen H 7/15

- "Educationally enlightening for me, in regards to driving techniques and habits. Thank You"   12/14

- Emerald city driving school was straight forward, honest, encouraging and firm not only taught me to pass the street test but how to drive in WA. Take his instruction and listen clsely you'll  be a better driver.   Devis K 11/22/14

- Steve, as I told him he is heaven sent, because of him I finally learn how to drive..... he has patience to student driver like me that is old enough to drive hehe!! Thank you Steve for being a wonderful instructor.....  more power on your school. I hope you continue on teaching your good techniques in driving... god bless!!!!    Mylene A 10/2014

-  I hadn't driven in more than 10 years and needed to get my license back. Steve Wong was straight forward and patient. as well as very knowledgeable about driving safety in general and the driver's license test which he administers. I had a one hour lesson and then the test. and he reviewed my weak spots many times with me to make sure i knew what i was doing and knew what to expect on the test. Also, he's just a nice person who radiates positive energy and calmness--exactly who you want to riding shotgun while you take your test.   Zoe K 7/2014

​-  Steve Wong is amazing!!  He'll teach you everything you need to know for the driving test with the utmost patience and will also do a practice test with you before your actual test. He's amazing!    A.W.  7/2014

-  I learned a lot from Steve, and he was very patient to me, even i studied very slow. I will recommend this school to my friends. This must be the best driving school in Seattle!   S.S.  6/2014 

-  Steve is amazing. He'll teach you everything needed for the test with utmost patience and will also do a mock test with you if you ask him to. I highly recommend his training and his driving school.   Amit R 5/2014 

-  I recently got my license after training from Steve Wong the Chinese driving master of the Emerald City Driving school. With his careful instruction i was able to master all of his ancient driving techniques like his "all the way" technique for parallel parking. I highly recommend everyone reading this, that is wanting to learn to drive to drop what they are doing and run out right now to join his illustrious driving school. Then they too can learn to drive to wisdom of Steve Wong and eventually master all of his ancient driving techniques. I give driving master Steve Wong and his school the highest praise.   Sean M 5/2014

-  ​I did research on a few driving schools and found that this school has a pretty fair offer for the adult program. With three solid driving lessons with one of the driving instructor: Steve Wong, I felt prepared for the driving test. Steve is pretty cool guy who will teach you good driving habits as well as the important things you need to know on passing the driving test. Another perk to his place is that you can also take the driving test here too, So that definitely beats the hassle of going to one of the DOL and waiting in the long lines. Also, this place is flexible with the lesson times and such.

-  Steve is great! Passed my driving test a few months back thanks to him, really patient which is very important!

-  ​I put off getting my license for a long time, and naturally I was very nervous about it. But the people here were awesome and very helpful. Steve Wong was my instructor and he was very patient and calming. I pass and am now l licensed driver. I am sending all of my friends here? Thank you again.

-  If it were your Birthday today I will give you my greatest gift...... Thank you for your patience, Thank you for the knowledge that you shared, and Thanks you for being a good instructor, A good teacher, Thank you for everything!

​-  Steve is the Best !!!! I passed the test with a score of 94 in my first try! Everything he taught me, I just followed it plus he is very friendly and very patient. Thank You Steve !!!!

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